February 1, 2011

Chair Swope called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.


Robert Swope, Chair
Don Cox, Vice Chair
Alan Caine, Commissioner
Robert La Master, Commissioner
John Buette, Commissioner
Mark Napier, Commissioner
Robin Large, Commissioner


Chair Swope led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.

CALL TO THE AUDIENCE (Non Agenda Items Only)

Opened and closed without comment.


Council Member Joe Hornat gave a brief thank you to the commission and went on to give a short update on past Planning and Zoning Agenda items.

Chair Swope commented that the commission would like to know when the recommendations go before Council, as well as feed back on the decision, etc.  Council Member Hornat replied that was his intention, but the Planning and Zoning Commission is a separate advisory body and it is your recommendations no matter what Council does with them later. 


Review and/or approval of the November 8, 2010 and December 7, 2010, P&Z Commission meeting minutes.

November 8, 2010 Draft Minutes

December 7, 2010 Draft Minutes

Chair Swope requested grammatical changes to the minutes.  The requested changes have been noted.

Commissioner Caine commented on the thoroughness of past minutes suggested an agenda item for the next meeting, for the commission to make recommendation to staff on what level of detail does the commission need to see.

Commissioner Caine requested changes to the minutes.  The requested changes have been noted.

Chair Swope asked Council Member Hornat if the minutes were used in discussions with other members of the Council.  Council Member Hornat replied the minutes are read but are not discussed until the item comes up on the agenda.  Joe Andrews, Oro Valley Town Attorney, stated the law only requires action minutes which are the discussion, the motion and the vote. David Williams, Planning Division Manager, stated staff provides a summary of the meeting and captures the key points or key discussions of the meeting. 

MOTION: A motion was made by Commissioner Caine and seconded by Commissioner La Master accept the minutes with the addition of a clause that recognizes that legal council is present at our meetings to ensure that we follow proper procedures.

MOTION carried, 7-0.

Public Hearing: Translational zoning from Pima County Rural Homestead (RH) zone to Oro Valley R1-144 (Single Family Residential) zoning district for a 10-acre annexed area known as Annexation Area ’O’, located at 14260 N. Hawk Canyon Trail, south of Stone Canyon and north of La Cholla Airpark, OV911-01.  For questions and additional information, please contact Matt Michels, Senior Planner, at (520) 229-4822 or mmichels@orovalleyaz.gov

Staff Report

Attachment 1

Matt Michiels, Oro Valley Planning Division Senior Planner, presented the following:

- Location Map
- Zoning
- Recommendation

Chair Swope asked what was the surrounding zoning of the property.  Mr. Michels replied the area all around the property is Pima County RH, the area to the north is within the Town is R1-44.

Commissioner Large asked if translation zoning is typically done at the time of annexation.  Mr. Michels said yes, usually this type of action is done immediately after annexation which did not occur with this case.  Mr. Williams commented this was a Planning Division error.

MOTION: A motion was made by Commissioner La Master and seconded by Commissioner Buette recommends that the Town Council adopt the translational zoning of Annexation Area 'O', to the Town of Oro Valley R1-144 district.

MOTION carried, 7-0.

Discussion and possible action:  Planning and Zoning Commission Rules and Operating Procedures, June 1, 2005

Staff Report

Vice Chair Cox stated the following changes need to made in response to changes that were voted on by Town Council. 

- Term limits, terms for office, etc. 
- Language about timing of the election of chair.

- Item C on Page one, suggested change to read, "commission appointments shall be for a period determined by Town Council." 

Commissioner Caine asked if staff shouldn’t be implementing the changes in the rules Town Council agrees too.  Mr. Andrews said changes need to be recommended by the commission to Town Council, staff can not make changes to rules.  Mr. Williams added that updating the rules and procedures of all our boards and commissions are on a very long to do list. 

Vice Chair Cox continued with changes:
- Item D on Page one, suggested change to eliminate two-year.
- Item A on Page 2, suggested change to read January instead of September. 
- Item A2 on Page 2, suggested change to read January instead of September.
- Item 4Aiii on Page 9, suggested change to read "your town of residence."
- Recommendation that these rules be reviewed by the commission as a part of the work plan a minimum of every two years.

Mr. Williams stated staff will create a strike out version with the changes that have been recommended. 

Commissioner Caine stated the commission does not have any miscellaneous business item on the agenda as noted on page 8, item I.

Commissioner Caine asked about training.  Mr. Williams said the need for training has been discussed.

Commissioner Large asked if staff will be completing an update in addition to the other suggested changes.  Mr. Williams said yes. 


Planning Division Manager Update

Mr. Williams, Oro Valley Planning Manager, presented the following Manager’s Update:

- Introduction of Principal Planner, Chad Daines
- Meals for meetings
- C-N District is scheduled for Town Council 2/2/11
- Planning & Zoning Administer Interpretation - Public Notice
- St. Mark’s Rezoning for next month Planning & Zoning Commission
- ESL Update - continued public hearing scheduled for February 16 Town Council meeting.
- The Division’s Work Plan is scheduled for Town Council review of its contents and priorities on February 16.
- Recreation Area Requirements is scheduled for Town Council February 16.
- Steam Pump Village PAD is scheduled Town Council March 16.
- Sign Code public hearing is rescheduled for March 2 with Town Council.
- Community Academy, Spring 2011


Future Agenda Items

Vice Chair Cox commented that he would be very interested in an update of the work plan.

Commissioner Caine commented on adding an item on the March 1, 2011 agenda for suggestions the commission would have on future issues of the minutes.


MOTION: A motion was made by Vice Chair Cox and seconded by Commissioner La Master to Adjourn

MOTION carried, 7-0.