April 19, 2011

Chairman Swope called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.


Robert Swope, Chair
Don Cox, Vice Chair
Alan Caine, Commissioner
Robert La Master, Commissioner
John Buette, Commissioner
Robin Large, Commissioner
Mark Napier, Commissioner


Chairman Swope led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.

CALL TO THE AUDIENCE (Non Agenda Items Only)

Chairman Swope opened and closed without comment.


Joe Hornat, Council Member, presented the following:

- PAD Amendment Process for Neighborhood Meetings Powerpoint slides which were presented by staff.
- Public Input Opportunities in Review Process Powerpoint slides.
- These two slide were recently presented at neighborhood meeting.  These slides were outstanding and very well received.


Public Hearing: Amendment to Zoning Code Chapters Relating to the Development Review Board (DRB) and Art Review Commission (ARC) in preparation for the new Conceptual Design Review Board (CDRB), including portions of Chapters 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, and 31, in the Oro Valley Zoning Code Revised (OVZCR), OV711-03.  For questions and additional information, please contact Matt Michels, Senior Planner, at (520) 229-4822 or mmichels@orovalleyaz.gov

Staff Report

Attachment 1 - Chapter 3 Town Code Amendments

Attachment 2 - Chapter 21 Zoning Code amendments

Attachment 3 - Chapter 22 Zoning Code amendments

Attachment 4 - Chapter 23 Zoning Code amendments

Attachment 5 - Chapter 24 Zoning Code amendments

Attachment 6 - Chapter 25 Zoning Code amendments

Attachment 7 - Chapter 26 Zoning Code amendments

Attachment 8 - Chapter 27 Zoning Code amendments

Attachment 9 -  Chapter 28 Zoning Code amendments

Attachment 10 - Chapter 31 Zoning Code amendments

Attachment 11 - Process Reconfiguration - Existing vs. New

Attachment 12 - Council-Approved Process Configuration

Matt Michels, Senior Planner, presented the following:

- Purpose of Tonight’s Public Hearing
- Code Amendment Overview
- Chapter 3- Town Code Administration (Attachment 1)

Chairman Swope asked for clarification in Section 3-5-4, regarding use of titles for the Planning and Zoning Administrator or Planning Division Manager.  David Williams, Planning Division Manager stated Planning and Zoning Administrator should be the generic term.

Mr. Michels continued with the presentation:

- Chapter 21 - Review and Decision Making Bodies (Attachment 2)

Discussion ensued amongst the Commission regarding community fit.

Chairman Swope suggested removing the concept of community fit and alternatively use the language in Chapter 22, Page 7 of 35, which states "the goal of enhancing the built and natural environment while mitigating project impacts on adjacent development".

Chapter 22 - Review Process & Procedures (Attachment 3, Pages 2-3)

Discussion ensued amongst the Commission regarding the layout of buildings.

Section 22.9.D, Conceptual Design (Attachment 3; Pages 3-7)

Discussion ensued amongst the Commission regarding the difficulty with the level of detail for architectural design submittals in Section 22, page 3 of 35.

Commissioner Large commented she didn’t like the following language:
- Facade Design Elements
- Vignettes Architectural Features
- Building Cross Sections with Floor Elevation and Heights
Commission Large commented a massing study should suffice.

Mr. Michels stated the comment has been noted.

Discussion ensued amongst the Commission regarding changes between Conceptual and Final Design.

Mr. Williams suggested striking the words "common sense" and "minor out" of section 22.9E, 7, Page 14 of 35.

Commissioner Large suggested adding or incorporating into one of the other five items under Section 22.9.E., (Page 14 of 35), something about achieving the same intent as the approved Conceptual Design.

Discussion ensued amongst the Commission regarding expiration of approval.

Commissioner Large asked whether the board would have the technical expertise to consider drainage and grading.

Paul Keesler, Permitting Manager, responded that only basic drainage information will be provided at the Conceptual Design stage to ensure that the overall drainage patterns are understood. 

Commissioner Buette suggested adding language to Section 22.9.D. 6, paragraph A, "unless an extension has been granted".

Chapter 23 - Zoning Districts (Attachment 4)

Chapter 24 - Supplementary District Regulations (Attachment 5)

Chairman Swope stated he is unsure why the Board recommends and sometimes approves.  Mr. William responded the Board has decision making authority in limited instances and recommending authority in most others. 

Chapter 25 - Use Regulations
Chapter 26 - Subdivision & Site Plans

Chapter 27 - General Development Standards

Chairman Swope commented Chapter 27, page 10 of 13, paragraph IV.  The paragraph just end, is there something more to come?  Mr. Michels responded there is an alipsais to indicate it does carry on, but there were no changes. 

Chapter 28 - Signs

Chapter 31 - Definitions

Chairman Swope opened the public hearing.  The following members of the public commented:

Bill Adler, Oro Valley resident, stated his objections to the proposed amendments to the zoning Code in preparation for the new Conceptual Design Review Board (CDRB). 

David Godlewski, Government Liaison with the Southern Arizona Homebuilder’s Association (SAHBA) stated SAHBA has been a part of this process and working with the Town over a year with respect on how to streamline the development process.  Where we are today is a much better place than we have been before and he is confident this will lead to important changes to the process. 

Chairman Swope closed the public hearing.

Mr. Williams reviewed the proposed amendment recommendations to Chapter 22:

-Page 2 of 35, Where the code states "all residential or non-residential", will be changed to "all new development".  Same change as Page 3 of 35, Conceptual Design, Number 1. 
-Page 3 of 35, Building color palette will be changed to preliminary color palette.
-Page 4 of 35, Letter F, strike, "community fit" and "general acceptability for the proposed development".
-Page 10 of 35, Number 6, Letter A, adding, "or unless extension is or has been granted".
-Page 14 of 35, Number 7, criteria for changes, add a letter F, "that the change achieves the same design intent as the approved Conceptual Design" and striking the terms "minor" and "common sense".

MOTION: A motion was made by Commissioner Buette and seconded by Commissioner La Master recommend approval with the changes recited by Mr. Williams to Chapter 22, to amendments to Zoning Code Chapters supporting the new Conceptual Design Review Board (CDRB) and updated development review process, including portions of Chapters 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 31, in the Oro Valley Zoning Code Revised (OVZCR), as shown in Attachments #1 through #10, OV711-03.

MOTION carried, 7-0.
The Commission had no comments.


Planning Division Manager Update

Mr. Williams presented the following:

-Appreciation to the Commission for holding the special meeting and for their recommendation of approval.
-Design Standards:  A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) comprised of design professionals met on April 8th and are currently reviewing the draft Design Standards.
- The updated Sign Code went into effect April 15th.  Staff has been meeting with realtor associations and firms to present new requirements and answer questions.
- Conceptual Design Review Board (CDRB):  The Council Work Group is currently scheduling interviews.
- Community Academy Classes for this Commission will be held April 28th & May 5th. 
- St. Mark Church zoning will be presented to Town Council on May 4th.
- Zoning Code Amendment and A-Frame Sign Code will be presented to Town Council on May 18th.
- AT&T Wireless Facility Communication Site and Planning & Zoning Rules and Procedures will be presented to the Commission on May 3rd.


Future Agenda Items

No items were presented.


MOTION: A motion was made by Commissioner La Master and seconded by Vice Chair Cox to Adjourn the Planning & Zoning Commission meeting at 7:27 p.m.

MOTION carried, 7-0.