September 13, 2011


Chairman Dino Sakellar
Vice Chair Richard Luckett
Member Gil Alexander
Member Nathan Basken
Member Rachel Childers
Member Kit Donley
Member Richard Eggerding
Member David Atler

ABSENT: Member Harold Linton


Chairman Sakellar led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.

CALL TO THE AUDIENCE (Non Agenda Items Only)

Chairman Sakellar opened and closed the call to the audience without comment.



Review and/or approval of the July 26, 2011, Conceptual Design Review Board meeting minutes.

July 26, 2011 Draft Minutes

MOTION: A motion was made by Vice Chair Richard Luckett and seconded by Member Richard Eggerding to Approve the July 26, 2011 Conceptual Design Review Board meeting minutes.

MOTION carried, 8-0.



Model Home Architecture for Hohokam Mesa Subdivision in Rancho Vistoso Neighborhood 6, Lots 1-128, located in proximity to the southeast corner of Rancho Vistoso Boulevard and Moore Road, OV1311-10 For questions and additional information, please contact Matt Michels, Senior Planner, at (520) 229-4822 or mmichels@orovalleyaz.gov

Staff Report

Attachment 1 Architectural Elevations and Floor Plans

Attachment 2 Color schemes

Attachment 3 Photos of Existing Homes and Attachment 4 Conditions of Approval

Matt Michels, Senior Planner, represented the following:

- Conceptual Architecture Review
- Location Map:  Vistoso Town Center
- Site Map
- Context:  Adjacent to Honey Bee Village Archaeological Preserve
- Context:  Nearby Homes
- Applicant’s Proposal 4 Single Story Models
- 1999 Design Guidelines
- Conditions of Approval Attachment #4
- Architectural Design Principles
- Design Elements to Meet Design Guidelines & Principles
- Summary

Member Luckett doesn’t see how the developer can position fifty foot wide homes on sixty foot wide lots with side entry garages.  None of the examples show side entry garages, and he understands that is something the applicant is proposing.  The general note section mentions La Cholla Air Park, and went on comment that the subdivision was nowhere near La Cholla Air Park.  Member Alexander mentioned that the proposed site was within a mile and a half of La Cholla Air Park.

Member Luckett asked why the homes were not staggered and stated the subdivision is going to have a row of houses in a straight line.  Mr. Michels said there is supposed to be twenty to thirty foot setbacks in a staggered arrangement.
Member Luckett also commented that there is no shading provided to the left, right and back elevations and there is an energy requirement in this Town.  These are just plain flat sides of stucco that he finds unattractive.  A standing seam metal roof is a requirement for this style of home, according to the Southwest Territorial and what is being proposed is flat clay tile.

Member Luckett continued that the Board was given a task to bring better quality architecture to this community and he doesn’t believe these are going to do it.  Mr. Luckett also suggested adding a condition, "to provide shading elements on the left, right and rear elevations providing adequate solar shading of windows".  This would add some architectural detail to the windows of these homes and would help with energy conservation.  

Chairman Sakellar asked if there are existing homes in the subdivision.  Mr. Michels responded no, this subdivision was approved some time ago.  The only homes are to the south.  Chairman Sakellar asked Mr. Michels if the nearby subdivisions are similar to the elevations and detail to the homes being proposed for this site.  Mr. Michels commented that the flat roofs of the nearby subdivisions are more traditional in keeping with the southwest theme that is encouraged with the Design Guidelines. 

Michael Del Castillo, representing Richmond American Homes, presented a brief history of the proposed site.

Member Eggerding asked the applicant if he saw the recommendations being proposed.  Mr. Del Castillo responded that he has reviewed the recommendations. 

Member Luckett asked the applicant if he was an Oro Valley resident.  Mr. Del Castillo responded yes.  Member Luckett commented that he does not see these homes fitting into Oro Valley with what the applicant has presented to the board.  The elevations are lacking reference to solar energy conservation.  Member Luckett went on to comment that the applicant did do a fine job defining and detailing the front elevation, but the other three sides are flat stucco and there is no articulation. 

Member Eggerding commented that he is disappointed with what is being proposed because it does not represent the core values of the community.

Mr. Williams would like to suggest as part of the architectural approval, that the subdivision walls match the archaeological preservation wall. 

MOTION: A motion was made by Vice Chair Richard Luckett and seconded by Member Richard Eggerding to deny model home architectural elevation, colors, and materials for Richmond American Homes "Dominic, "Delaney", "Daniel", "Denise", "Drew", "Daphne", "Devon, and "Dillion", as shown in Attachment #1 and 2, for the Hohokam Mesa Subdivision Lots 1-6, 15-19, 47-63, and 71-107, OV1311-10.

Member Eggerding withdrew his second.

Motion died for lack of a second.

MOTION: A motion was made by Member Gil Alexander and seconded by Member Richard Eggerding to continue model home architectural elevation, colors, and materials for Richmond American Homes "Dominic, "Delaney", "Daniel", "Denise", "Drew", "Daphne", "Devon, and "Dillion", as shown in Attachment #1 and 2, for the Hohokam Mesa Subdivision Lots 1-6, 15-19, 47-63, and 71-107, OV1311-10.  As well as to include the following:

-  The suggestion from staff to match the archaeological preservation walls to the subdivision walls.
-  An addition to attachment number four to include all models and all elevations to provide stone veneer. 
-  To provide shading elements on the left, right and rear elevations providing accurate solar shading of windows, as applicable.
-  Adding an element to the stucco at the windowsill height all the way around the building. 

Chairman Sakellar commented that the board is all in agreement that the side elevations, especially on a two story or high pitched elevations can use enhancement.

MOTION carried, 8-0.


Request for approval of Conceptual Site Design and Conceptual Architectural Design for Casa de la Luz Hospice, a medical services provider. Two new buildings and the remodeling of an existing building are proposed at 7750 and 7740 N. Oracle Road on the east side Oracle Road north of W. Suffolk Drive. OV1211-02. For questions and additional information, please contact Karen Berchtold, Senior Planner, at (520) 229-4814 or kberchtold@orovalleyaz.gov

Staff Report & Conditions of Approval

Site Plan


Material Palette

Site Photos

Color Renderings Plan

Vignettes Overall Compostion A

Site Sections Plan

Site Photos Existing Building


Karen Berchtold, Senior Planner, presented the following:

- Request
- Location Map
- Context Map
- Conceptual Review
- Site Plan Proposal
- Conceptual Site Design Principles
- Addendum A Design Standards
- Entry Points
- Public Input
- Summary

Member Atler asked if the driveways to the south connecting to the existing parking area can be opened up.  Ms. Berchtold responded yes. 

Member Alexander asked if there is enough parking for the  executive and conference buildings.  Ms. Berchtold responded the conference building is for training of staff.  David Williams, Planning Division Manager, commented that the site is adequately parked based on the information available.

Kevin Hall, Cypress Civil Development, representing the applicant, gave a brief overview of the proposal.

Member Alexander asked if the courtyard was all concrete with very little landscape added.  Mr. Hall responded it is all concrete with set back off the buildings in order to tie in the sidewalks, there is landscape planned for all the voided areas around the courtyard. 

Mr. Hall commented that the applicant will adequately address the conditions on the west side, the island that projects out to the north end of the parking area.  The island will come out further to deter people from trying to make the turnaround into the one way drive to the north, along with signage indicating the one way driveway.  In addition, the northern most parking spaces to the west bay will be striped should vehicles need to turn around. 

Chairman Sakellar opened the public hearing. 

Jennifer Becker, Oro Valley resident, stated she attended the neighborhood meeting where a similar site plan was presented.  She and others from the Suffolks Hills Neighborhood Association requested the dumpsters be located on the west side of the development.  Everything else being proposed seem to be congruent with what was discussed at the neighborhood meeting. 

Chairman Sakellar closed the public hearing.

MOTION: A motion was made by Vice Chair Richard Luckett and seconded by Member Richard Eggerding to approve with conditions, Conceptual Site Plan for Casa de la Luz, subject to the conditions of Part I of Exhibit "A" and the applicant needs to verify there is a five foot setback from the property line.

MOTION carried, 8-0.


Karen Berchtold, Senior Planner, presented the following:

- Request
- Neighborhood Context
- Existing Architecture
- Conceptual Architecture
- Conceptual Architecture Design Principles
- Addendum "A" Design Standards
- Summary

Member Basken commented that the courtyard in general seems like unutilized space.

Ron Verduchi, representing CDG Architects, commented on the lighting on the property. 

Member Basken commented there is an awkward alignment from the executive building to the conference building.  Mr. Verduchi commented unfortunately, how the site lays out, there had to be slight transitions in grade. 

Member Luckett commented on the following:

- The roof form does not match the plan.
- It is unfortunate that the applicant has not addressed the west elevation from the street side.
- There is no shading provided for any of the windows. 
- He doubts that a two or three foot high perapet will screen the mechanical units.

Chairman Sakellar opened public hearing. 

Jennifer Becker, Oro Valley resident, stated she was strongly opposed the presentation from staff.  The two buildings at the bottom of the picture that staff presented were built around 1960.  There is more development that was recently built behind the Pella building that are more attractive, yet no residential structures are shown.  Ms. Becker commented she does support the board’s suggestion of using covered walk ways and does not support taller parapets around the buildings. 

Chairman Sakellar closed the public hearing.

MOTION: A motion was made by Vice Chair Richard Luckett and seconded by Member Richard Eggerding to recommend approval with conditions, Conceptual Architecture for Casa del la Luz, subject to the attached conditions and the addition of the following:
1.  Covered walk ways.
2.  Articulate the west elevation.
3.  Shade elements to the window structure.
4.  Part II, number seven, change should to shall.
5.  Site lighting sensitive to neighbors.
6.  Part II, number 11, intended to show the west elevation.

MOTION carried, 8-0.


Planning Manager Update - (Informational Only)

David Williams, Planning Manager, presented the following:

- Neighborhood Meeting, September 19 for Desert Sky Subdivision to allow two story homes.
- Current occupancy rates for apartment complexes in Oro Valley.
- APA Conference September 28th through 30th.
- Next CDRB meeting will include St. Mark Church for conceptual site plan.
- The board recommended approval on two master sign programs, the Council approved both the Steam Pump Village and Noble Hops. 
- On Council’s agenda will be outdoor display.


MOTION: A motion was made by Member David Atler and seconded by Member Nathan Basken to adjourn the Conceptual Design Review Board meeting at 8:41 p.m.

MOTION carried, 8-0.