October 11, 2011

Chair Sakellar called the Conceptual Design Review Board meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.


Chairman Dino Sakellar
Vice Chair Richard Luckett
Member Gil Alexander
Member David Atler
Member Rachel Childers
Member Kit Donley
Member Richard Eggerding
Member Harold Linton

ABSENT: Member Nathan Basken


Chairman Sakellar led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.

CALL TO THE AUDIENCE (Non Agenda Items Only) - At this time, any member of the public is allowed to address the Board on any issue not listed on today’s agenda.  Pursuant to the Arizona Open Meeting Law, individual Board members may ask Town staff to review the matter, ask that the matter be palced on a future agenda, or respond to criticism made by speakers.  However, the Board may not discuss or take legal action on matters raised during "Call to the Audience."  In order to speak during "Call to the Audience" please specify what you wish to discuss when completing the blue speaker card.

Chairman Sakellar opened and closed the call to the audience without comments.



Review and/or approval of the August 9, 2011, Conceptual Design Review Board meeting minutes.

August 9, 2011 Draft Minutes

MOTION: A motion was made by Member Gil Alexander and seconded by Member Rachel Childers to approve the August 9, 2011, Conceptual Design Review Board meeting minutes.

MOTION carried, 8-0.


Conceptual Site Plan and Conceptual Architecture for St. Mark Catholic Church, located on the southeast corner of Tangerine Road and Shannon Road.

Staff Report & Conditions of Approval

Conceptual Site Plan & Conceptual Landscape Plan

Conceptual Architecture

Tentative Development Plan

Art Review Commission Report

Public Art Renderings

Rezoning Conditions of Approval

Rezoning Neighborhood Issues

Matt Michels, Senior Planner, presented the following:

- Context Map
- Conceptual Review
- Overview of Proposal
- Conceptual Site Design Principles
- Overall Conceptual Site Plan
- Conceptual Site Plan - Proposed Building Heights
- Overall Conceptual Landscape Plan
- Phase I Conceptual Landscape Plan
- Mitigation of Neighborhood Concerns
- Addendum A-Provide well defined major entrances to establish unified project identity and sense of arrival
- Addendum A- Create protected outdoor gathering spaces
- Public Input
- Summary/Recommendation

Member Linton asked if the project being proposed was a voluntary submission on the part of the church because it is outside of the Oro Valley boundaries.  Mr. Michels clarified that the project is within the Town of Oro Valley boundaries.

Member Atler was curious if the project is required to construct the multi-use path.  Mr. Laws responded that the Town is okay with the applicant submitting an in-lieu fee.  The applicant will be required to submit an estimate from their engineer, staff will have to approve the estimate with the funds being applied to the Tangerine project.  Member Atler inquired why a variance is not required.  Mr. Michels stated that staff has determined that a variance along Tangerine Road is not necessary. 

Matt Michels, Senior Planner, presented the following

- Request
- Conceptual Architecture
- Conceptual Architectural Design Principles
- North & West Elevations
- Samples of Materials
- Design Principle:  All facades shall be fully articulated
- Public Input
- Summary/Recommendation

Mitch Lorenz, from ML2 Consulting, representing the applicant, presented the following:

- Contents of Presentation
- Conceptual Design Coordination
- Conceptual Site Layout

Chad Daines, Principal Planner, clarified that phase one architecture was only being proposed and the expansion areas are not included in the packet material.  The sanctuary expansion will have to return before the board for conceptual approval.

Cliff True, from BCDM Architecture, presented the designs for the building:

- Facade Articulation
- Building size & mass
- Building material & colors
- Design Intent

Member Alexander commented that phase one B and C walls are plain and asked whether something could be done about it.  Mr. Lorenz responded that he is confident that something can be done to break up the mass with a simple design such as scored EFIS.

Member Eggerding commented that this is one of the finest additions to the Town that he has seen in the twenty-four years he has been here.
Member Luckett commented that this is a fine project, the articulation of all the surfaces is done very nicely.  Member Luckett added that he has a problem with the darker colors on the body of the building.  The lighter colors would be more symbolic and a better representation of a religious facility of this quality.  Member Luckett asked the applicant if they would have a problem reversing the colors.  Mr. True replied that there were three stucco colors that were being utilized and the darkest is used along the base and along the elements that come up along the transepts. 

Chairman Sakellar opened the public hearing.

Bill Rodman, Oro Valley resident, commented on the traffic associated with the church.  One of Mr. Rodman’s concerns is the new left turn lane going into the main entrance butting up into the existing left turn lane that goes into the existing entrance. Another of his concerns is the 2,100 square foot metal roof.   

Chairman Sakellar closed the public hearing.

MOTION: A motion was made by Member David Atler and seconded by Vice Chair Richard Luckett to recommend approval of the Conceptual Site Plan for the St. Mark Catholic Church, subject to the conditions of Part I in attachment #1.   

Mr. Daines suggested a recommendation to the motion striking condition number 1 of Attachment 1, Conditions of Approval, Planning, relevant to the variance.

Member Alter and Member Luckett both accepted the suggested amendment.

MOTION carried, 8-0.

MOTION: A motion was made by Vice Chair Richard Luckett and seconded by Member David Atler to recommend approval with conditions, the Conceptual Architecture for St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church, subject to the conditions in Part II in attachment #1 and add a condition that the applicant works with staff on other color combinations to have a lighter body of work.

Member Eggerding commented on his confusion regarding Mr. Luckett’s comments about the colors.  He doesn’t totally disagree but was wondering about the magnitude of effort required to comply with the motion.  Chairman clarified that the intent is for the applicant to look at and study lighter color combinations with staff. 

MOTION carried, 8-0.


Revised Architectural elevations for La Canada Hills Animal Hospital, located in proximity to La Canada Drive and Lambert Road.

Staff Report

Approved building elevations

April 12, 2011, DRB Report

Photo of Mercado at Canada Hills Lots 4 & 5

Approved Site plan, building elevations, and color/materials

Matt Michels, Senior Planner, presented the following:

- Commercial Architecture
- Location Map
- Site Plan
- Existing Development - Lot 4 & 5
- Approved North, East & West Elevations
- Revised North, East & West Elevations
- Approved vs. Revised North & West Elevations
- Colors & Material
- Findings/Recommendation

Member Luckett inquired whether the project being proposed was currently under construction.  Mr. Michels responded that the project was under construction. 

Evan Eglin, representing Eglin/Cohen Architects, presented the following:

- Existing Development - Lot 4 & 5
- Client dislikes previous proposed tower

Member Luckett stated the tower is unnecessary and suggested raising the architectural feature three masonry units higher. 

Member Linton asked staff if the tower like structure will be a requirement for future buildings.  Mr. Daines stated that staff was recommending some type of vertical element to emphasize the building entrance and define the corner of the building.

Member Luckett commented that architectural elevations are very deceptive. 

Chairman Sakellar opened the public hearing.

Mary Ann Bolsor, non-resident and owner of building, commented that towers are a prevalent thing in Oro Valley and she was unhappy with the previous proposal which included the tower.  The new proposal is tasteful and preserves the level of design the Board wants in Oro Valley. 

Chairman Sakellar closed the public hearing.

Member Eggerding commented that upon reflection he has changed his mind and was willing to go along with the applicant.   

MOTION: A motion was made by Vice Chair Richard Luckett and seconded by Member Rachel Childers to approve revised architectural elevations for La Canada Animal Hospital on Lot 1, Mercado at Canada Hills to include the condition that staff approves another architecture element be designed in place of the tower, as approved by staff OV1311-06A.

MOTION carried, 8-0.

Chairman Sakellar asked for Member Luckett’s opinion.  Member Luckett stated that both designs would be acceptable. 

MOTION: A motion was made by Member Gil Alexander and seconded by Member Harold Linton to Amend the previous motion to add the condition that staff approves another architecture element be designed in place of the tower, as approved by staff. 

Member Eggerding commented his concern was the construction has started on the building, staff has to review and how long will this take. 
Mr. Williams commented that the applicant is submitting plans either way, so there is not a timing issue here.  It just effects what staff is reviewing.  If the Board requires no changes then staff receives plans as shown.   

MOTION carried, 6-2 with Vice Chair Richard Luckett, and Member Richard Eggerding opposed.

Mr. Williams clarified the motion, that staff has the authority to approve a revised design to include some vertical element.


Planning Manager Update - (Informational Only)

David Williams, Planning Manager, presented the following:

- Introduction of Chad Daines, lead staff person for the CDRB starting November 2011.
- The Commission met on October 5th, and considered a PAD Amendment for apartments in Rancho Visotoso.  The Commission recommended approval to allow the apartments with a vote of 3-1. 
- Staff has been busy with General Plan Amendments and wrapping up a series of neighborhood meetings.  The General Plan Amendments will be heard by the Commission on November 1st and 15th.
- Community Academy starts October 13th.
- Staff is finalizing materials for outdoor display and A-frame allowances, approved by Town Council on September 21st.
- CDRB will be having a Study Session November 8th.  The Council Liaison would like to speak to the Board, procedures, roles and protocols, and what’s working and what’s not. 
- CDRB recommended approval to Town Council on Casa de La Luz in September, Council did accept the recommendation and approved the project.  


MOTION: A motion was made by Member Gil Alexander and seconded by Member Rachel Childers to Adjourn the meeting at 7:53 P.M.