February 26, 2008
CALL TO ORDER - at 3:00 pm


John Hickey, Member
Colleen Kessler, Member
Andy Martin, Member
Bart Schannep, Member

EXCUSED: Paul Parisi, Member


CASE NO:  OV10-08-01, Mary Glenn Winscott, requests a variance to reduce the required 6.88 acres of the R1-300 zoning to 6.34 acres.  Subject property (parcel #219-23-0670) located at 1601 W. Beech Way, Oro Valley, AZ, 85737.

Chair Martin swore in Vice President and Secretary of La Cholla Airpark Gil Alexander and Oro Valley property owner Mary Winscott.

Mr. Alexander stated that when the airpark was laid out, it included a narrow strip that branches off to the east. He stated that the strip is currently used as an emergency runway. He noted that the lot was currently for sale and that the owner felt the airpark should own the strip. He stated that on behalf of the airpark he would accept the land transfer at the closing of the sale.

Mrs. Winscott stated that the party interested in purchasing her property found that the runway was an obstacle to obtaining insurance. She noted that it was important to the airpark to have the runway when pilots are unable to land at the main runway.

Mr. Alexander noted that all of the other roads in the airpark were easements and not owned by the airpark; only the runway and the common area are owned by the airpark.

Discussion clarified that:
~The strip to the west of this lot on Beech Way was privately owned.
  *The zoning for that lot would not change as there was enough acreage to
    maintain the required 6.88 acres.
~This was the only emergency runway.

Zoning Inspector Patty Hayes presented the Staff report:
~Subject property is 8.4 acre parcel in La Cholla Airpark.
~Zoned R1-300 which required a minimum of 6.88 acres per parcel.
~Mrs. Winscott proposed to transfer a 2.08 acre portion of the lot to the La Cholla Airpark Association.
  *The transfer would make the property .53 acres short of the required 6.88
~All property owners within 300 feet of the property were notified by mail.
~The hearing was posted online and in the Daily Territorial Newspaper.
~Staff received one email in support of the proposal and no opposition.
~La Cholla Airpark has agreed to accept the shared driveway and emergency
  airstrip as common area for the airpark.
~Removing the 2.08 acres would not create another buildable lot.

It was clarified that:
~Selling the property was not an issue, but rather that the proposed lot size
  would not conform to the code.
~Re-zoning the parcel to a lesser density would not allow for an airstrip.
~The proposal would make the parcel insurable and buildable.

Chair Martin opened the public hearing at 3:09 p.m. There being no speakers, he closed the public hearing.

Mr. Alexander noted that the transfer would benefit all airpark members.

MOTION: A motion was made by Vice Chair Schannep and seconded by Member Hickey approve OV10-08-01, a variance to reduce the required 6.88 acres of the R1-300 zoning to 6.34 acres. Subject property (parcel #219-23-0670) located at 1601 W. Beech Way, Oro Valley, AZ, 85737.

Vice Chair Schannep stated that all five findings were evident. He noted that the variance was in the best interest of the neighborhood and would be required in order to preserve the full property rights due to the potential liability.

Member Hickey agreed and noted that it was an issue of increasing safety. He stated his full support.

Member Kessler and Chair Martin concurred that all five findings had been met.

MOTION carried, 4-0.


MOTION: A motion was made by Member Hickey and seconded by Member Kessler adjourn at 3:13 p.m.