Thursday, June 21, 2018
Chair Frederick Wayand called the meeting to order at 4:00 P.M.
Frederick Wayand, Chair
Michael DeSantis, Vice Chair
David Parker, Commissioner
Joan Brown, Commissioner
Richard Hawkinson, Commissioner
CALL TO THE AUDIENCE - At this time, any member of the public is allowed to address the Commission on any issue not listed on today’s agenda. Pursuant to the Arizona Open Meeting Law, individual Commission members may ask Town staff to review the matter, ask that the matter be placed on a future agenda, or respond to criticism made by speakers. However, the Stormwater Utility Commission may not discuss or take legal action on matters raised during "Call to the Audience." In order to speak during "Call to the Audience" please specify what you wish to discuss when completing the blue speaker card.
There were no speakers at this time.

  Approval of the May 17, 2018 regular session minutes

05172018 DRAFT SWUC Regular Session Minutes
MOTION: A motion was made by Vice Chair DeSantis and seconded by Commissioner Hawkinson approve the May 17, 2018 regular session minutes with the following changes. Item 4D - remove the period after the word Managers to allow for sentence flow, and revised Paul Keesler's title to Public Works Director/Town Engineer.

Motion carried, 5-0.


  Discussion with Town Council Liaison to the Stormwater Utility Commission Joe Hornat regarding recent Town Council meetings concerning Stormwater issues

Town Councilmember and Liaison to the SWUC Joe Hornat reported to the Commissioners items from the last council meeting.

  Discussion of Stormwater meetings and events

Stormwater Sr. Engineer Justin Turner reported on the Stormwater meetings and events.
     May 1, 2018 SWUC Field Trip
     May 16, 2018 Met with The Highlands HOA Board
     May 16, 2018 Pima County Regional Flood Control District Meeting (no Quorum)
     June 19, 2018 Homeowners and their Property Manager of Catalina Villages B and C Meeting
     June 20, 2018 Flood Control District Advisory Committee Meeting

Public Works Assistant Director Aimee Ramsey reported that the State of the Town will be on September 14, 2018

  Discussion of on-going Stormwater projects

Mr. Turner discussed the on-going Stormwater projects.
a. Met with the Highlands Board about the floodplain mapping
Lower Highland Wash Floodplain Boundary
Mr. Turner stated that we are requesting that the County complete the study. Also, we are planning to have aerial photography and topographical maps prepared for this area to help us and the County finish up the study.
b. Notice-to-Proceed given to Kimley-Horn for preparation of Operation and Maintenance Plans for Street Maintenance and Golf Maintenance Yards
680 Calle Concordia Maintenance Yard
Mr. Turner stated that we have hired consultant Kimley-Horn to put together an operations and maintenance plan and a spill prevention containment and countermeasure plan for the gas fueling stations.
c. Inspected and scheduled sediment removal from Mutterer’s Wash at Greenock Drive
Mutterer’s Wash at Greenock Drive 1
Mutterer’s Wash at Greenock Drive 2
Mr. Turner stated that because of the flooding in 2014 the town has taken an aggressive stance to actively monitor and implement maintenance activities. It has been determined there is roughly a foot of sediment in the bottom of the box culvert. The Pima County Flood Control District has been asked to remove sand from the culvert itself at our cost and clean the channel an additional 800' upstream at their cost.
d. Received and reviewed Development Pre-Application for Villa Milagro.  Recommended controlling sediment going into lower Mutterer’s Wash
Mutterer’s Wash at Villa Milagro 1
Mutterer’s Wash at Villa Milagro 2
Mr. Turner said this property is immediately upstream of the trouble section of Mutterer's Wash and has been vacant. Owners have asked for rezoning consideration. We will request that they do something about controlling the sediment.
e. Final-soil-stabilization planning for Nakoma Sky per 2013 CGP requirements
Nakoma Sky Aerial 1
Nakoma Sky Aerial 2
One of the key responsibilities of the Stormwater Utility is to make sure the Nakoma Sky stormwater pollution is under control. Their commitment is to stabilize things to where they can leave it in a semi dormant condition. We have no immediate concerns.

Commissioner Parker asked whether the Letter Of Map Revision (LOMR) for the CDO Wash will still be requested by the applicant. Mr. Turner said yes, and that we are still waiting for the FEMA submittal from the engineer.
f. ADEQ is beginning a process to consider assuming the Clean Water Act Section 404 permit program (CWA 404), including Jurisdictional determinations and project impact review (e.g., dredging and filling of wetlands)
Mr. Turner stated that the Federal Government has made an announcement that it is considering giving the administrative responsibility to the States to regulate Section 404 washes, those are the navigable waterways. The discussion is in early stages and he doesn't know when it will happen, if it will happen, but there are ongoing discussions.
g. Miscellaneous Survey Services are on-going for Logan’s Crossing, Calle Buena Vista at Carmack Wash, El Conquistador Drainageway Reconstruction and Calle Loma Linda Drainage Improvements
Survey Areas
Surveying projects:
- Logan's Crossing - gabions were put in to protect the equestrian trail and the easement survey work is going smoothly
- Calle Buena Vista at Carmack Wash - a new box culvert is being designed and we are trying to have it completed and built before the end of next fiscal year
- El Conquistador drainage way reconstruction - the area is badly eroded and the surveyors are going to put together a proper plan
- Calle Loma Linda Drainage Improvements on the easement erosion issues that need to be addressed - we are surveying that area
h. Rain storm events
Mr. Turner commented on an article that forecasted widespread dry conditions across the West that will result in an early onset of monsoon. It seems to indicate that we will have a wetter than normal monsoon.

  Discussion of Stormwater Financials

April 2018 Stormwater Financials
Organization Chart PW 2018
Mrs. Ramsey mentioned that financials will be a month behind.
Agenda items for the next Stormwater Utility meeting were discussed with no changes. 
MOTION: A motion was made by Vice Chair DeSantis and seconded by Commissioner Brown adjourn the meeting at 4:49 p.m.

Motion carried, 5-0.