August 27, 2008
CALL TO ORDER: 5:30 p.m.


Paul Loomis, Mayor
Al Kunisch, Vice Mayor
Paula Abbott, Council Member
K.C. Carter, Council Member
Barry Gillaspie, Council Member
Bill Garner, Council Member
Salette Latas, Council Member

Vice Mayor Kunisch attended the meeting by telephone and Council Member Gillaspie arrived at 6:00 p.m.


Police Department Presentation and Discussion of Recruitment and Retention White Paper

Management Assistant Tory Schlievert and Police Lieutenant Chris Olson gave a presentation regarding the recruitment and retention process for the Oro Valley Police Department.

Discussion followed regarding the findings in the Report which evaluates existing policies and practices and explores new avenues to enhance and maintain the Town’s ability to recruit and retain qualified police officers.  Highlights of the discussion included the Police Department’s recruitment techniques, departmental growth, challenges to recruiting/retention such as competition among agencies, generational differences, private sector employment and recruitment resources, comparison of our attrition rate in comparison to other departments around the nation and the importance of proper Officer Development.  The Report also pointed out OVPD’s sound foundation for recruiting and retaining officers and that the goal of the report was to further identify alternatives to improve departmental processes.

Discussion followed regarding average length of employment, recruiting incentives, the Department’s Strategic Plan, and the Explorer Program for high school students.


Administrative Procedures and Policies for Town Board and Commission Term Limits and Appointment Dates

Town Clerk Kathryn Cuvelier reviewed the Council Communication regarding the Town Council’s desire to re-evaluate term limits and the appointment process for Board and Commission members. 

Mayor Loomis opened the floor for public comment. 

Paul Parisi, Town resident, expressed support for eliminating term limits for Boards and Commission members so that the Town will retain experienced Board members.  

Bill Adler, Town resident, also expressed support for eliminating Board and Commission term limits.  He suggested formalizing a process of concentrated indoctrination so that the new Board member is prepared to make a reasonable, knowledgeable decision based on town requirements.

Discussion followed regarding the pros and cons of having term limits on Boards and Commissions, the political challenges of removing a Board/Commission member if there are no term limits, importance of having Board members serve long enough to obtain historical knowledge, proper training and importance of attending Citizen’s Planning Institute, instituting a mentoring program, importance of having term limits, but concern with losing knowledgeable board members, and that Board of Adjustment is unique since it is a quasi-judicial board and, therefore, important to have members knowledgeable with planning and zoning issues.

Discussion followed regarding the appointment process and whether the current process is working, should the Council make their own appointments striving for a diverse group of people that are a reflection of the Council, and, if so, unless limited by law, such as Board of Adjustment to five members, all other Boards could be increased to seven. If Council members make their own appointments, then Council Liaison positions would no longer be necessary.

Mayor Loomis directed staff to bring back a proposal in two months including an implementation process and timeline, new appointments being filled will have a one year temporary appointment date while staff puts together a package for implementation of Council-appointed representatives on Boards/Commissions, and notification shall be given to Boards and Commissions of the possible change to the appointment process.

Recess at 6:50 p.m.


Discussion of Community Benefit Agreements (CBA's)

Planning and Zoning Director Sarah More explained the purpose of Community Benefit Agreements (CBA’s) which is a mechanism for developers and property owners to come to private agreements with neighborhoods on development issues.  She suggested that the Town could provide a list of certified facilitators and mediators paid for by the developer.

Bill Adler, Town resident and member of the Planning & Zoning Commission presented information about Community Benefit Agreements.  He explained that the current process of meeting with neighborhoods and developers could be formalized, bridging communication between neighbors, the Town and developers. He explained the importance of citizens first meeting without the applicant so they can be educated on the development review process, Zoning Code and entitlements and where effect of change can take place on the development so they have an understanding of the process before meeting with the developer.

Terry Parish, Town resident encouraged the Council to formalize the process so that developers know upfront that the goal is to come to an agreement with neighbors and require neighbors to be educated on the development process.

Town Attorney Tobin Rosen explained that these agreements are great if neighbors and developers are willing to agree to it.  He pointed out that the Town cannot require the agreement if the developer meets the requirements of the Zoning Code.

Discussion followed regarding:
- Requiring CBA’s in the Town’s Zoning Code.
- The difficulty in bringing neighborhood concerns together to create a win-win situation.
- Agree CBA’s can be used as a tool.
- Role of staff is to assure the developer meets the requirements in the Zoning Code.
- Role of Board and Commission members is to see that the development conforms with Town policies.
- It is up to the neighbors and developers to work out a compatible use for the neighborhood.
- Community Benefit Agreements should remain separate from zoning conditions.
- Town still retains discretion to grant or deny rezoning and set conditions.
- What effect Proposition 207 has on CBA’s.


MOTION: A motion was made by Council Member Carter and seconded by Council Member Garner to Adjourn to adjourn at 8:05 p.m.

MOTION carried, 7-0.