September 4, 2008 
Call to Order at or around 4:00 p.m.
Member Hagedorn called the meeting to order at 4:07 p.m.

Roll Call
Shirley Dornberg, Member
Steve Hagedorn, Member
Jeanie Honn, Member

ABSENT: David Grigsby, Chairman
Margaret Suchland, Member


Discussion and possible action regarding Public Art requirements: Revisions to the Oro Valley Zoning Code. Staff will present the latest draft revisions to the public art provisions of the zoning code.  If you have any questions about this matter, please contact Bayer Vella, OV Principal Planner, at (520) 229-4810 or bvella@orovalleyaz.gov.

Bayer Vella, OV Principal Planner, reviewed notes from the Focus Group that was held on August 28, 2008. 

The discussion continued with the following people present;
Bill Adler, OV resident
Dick Eggerding, OV resident
Kate Marquez, GOVAC 
David Williams, Willdan

The following points were made:

A full time artist must be on the team or lead the team (strike "must have public art expierence")

The definition of artwork shall be left "open" so the board can decide on each submittal what is appropriate. 

Bill Adler, OV Resident stated the one word that makes sense that is not in here (the ordinance) is professional..some things around town look amatuerish. 

Dick Eggerding, OV Resident suggested that art have a life, it should be changed out from time to time.

Member Hagedorn and Member Honn stated they preferred to see the art outside of a building.  Member Dornberg stated art inside an office should be allowed.
Artwork will be permitted indoor and outdoor with availablity at least 40 hours per week with a high level of pedestrian traffic. 

Artwork being positioned offsite would allow the developer the option to locate their artwork at another site in the Town.  This would not be in lieu of the art project but would allow the developer to place the art at a different location.

Bill Adler stated he spent some time reading section 27.3, applicability and art work budgets, how money is spent, the one percent is a Town of Oro Valley policy not a code.  The code can give the property owner an option. The Town Council by policy decides who and where money goes. 

The PARC decided to include a third option that would allow a property owner to place art at an offsite location.

No change to permanent and affixed definition.

Installation and Maintenance
1% budget is not part of the budget and maintenance is the responsibility of the owner.

No bonding will be allowed.

Create a two step approval.

Bill Adler suggested the committee ask Council to appoint a liason to the group so that if there is a complex project a council person would be able to pass that information on to the council.

Kate Marquez asked for clarification and asked if the developer would have to come back twice?

David williams stated the way it is written would require the items to be heard concurrently.

Bill Adler stated that the importance that attendance at the PARC meeting must be absolute.  Members must attend.

Bayer Vella asked for guidance to also work on new language to talk about how projects are certified.  We do not check right now and we would like an accounting of where the money is spent.  We would request a breakdown of the expenses. 

David Williams should we be relying on GOVAC, reads an email form Bill Adler.

Bill Adler asked if it has been considered if there has been an open house for artist to comment on this proposal. Kate Marquez stated that over 700 artists were invited to attend the focus group and only one was present.

David Williams requests to rewrite the proposal and forward this on to Council. Bill Adler asked if a joint study session would be an option. Bayer Vella suggested that a joint study session with P and Z on October 7, 2008.


Committee Member Comments.  This item provides members of the Committee an opportunity to comment on issues of interest or concern.  No discussion of such items is enabled and must be appropriately placed on an agenda for a future meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 6:10 p.m.