Regular Session
January 12, 2009

Call to Order: at 5:00 p.m.


Roll Call.

Chair Bob Baughman
Vice Chair Daniel Zwiener
Commissioner Patrick Foley
Commissioner Pat Spoerl
Commissioner Lois Nagy

Excused:  Commissioner Valerie Pullara

Also Present: 
Salette Latas, Town Council Member
David Andrews, Town Manager
Paul Popelka, Assistant Planning and Zoning Director
Scott Nelson, Special Projects Coordinator
Diane Chapman, Senior Office Specialist


Call to the Audience opened and closed with no speakers. 


Approval of Minutes: December 8, 2008

MOTION:  Commissioner Nagy MOVED to approve the December 8, 2008, Historic Preservation Commission minutes as written.  Commissioner Spoerl seconded the motion.  Motion carried, 5:0.


Introduction of Paul Popelka, Assistant Planning and Zoning Director

Chair Baughman introduced Paul Popelka, Assistant Planning and Zoning Director and new Historic Preservation Commission staff representative.


Discussion of Meeting Agenda Format

The meeting agenda format will be changed to list only those items of business for the Commission meeting. Those Commissioners having anything specific to add to the agenda need to let the Chair know one week in advance of the meeting. Mr. Popelka will email the Chair a draft agenda the Friday a week before the meeting.  The Chair will send the agenda back to staff the following Monday. This should allow the agenda and any packet information to be sent to the Commissioners one week in advance. 


Discussion and possible action regarding HPC Work Plan.


Cultural Resource Inventory Draft Scope of Work

Mr. Popelka said this is a Request for Qualifications rather than a Request for Proposal because of the inability to define specific work tasks for the survey at this point.  The consultant costs will be negotiated as the scope of work is fully defined.

The initial records review would be for the entire Planning Area as set forth in the General Plan.  The actual survey would be within the Town limits.  The role of volunteers needs to be defined. The actual survey and records search will be done by the consultant. 

Paragraph IIIa. of the Draft Scope of Work needs to be reworded so the consultant prepares the Historic Context of Oro Valley. 

Paragraph IIIb, the records search should have a year identified.  

MOTION: Commissioner Spoerl MOVED that for purposes of the records search and archival research, Section B in the draft Scope of Work should say that the records review will include properties dating prior to 1974.  Vice Chair Zwiener seconded the motion.  Motion carried, 5:0.

Chair Baughman clarified that under IIIe, Public Meetings, that it is four regularly scheduled HPC meetings. 

MOTION:  Vice Chair Zwiener MOVED to forward the Draft Scope of Work Request for Qualifications on to the Procurement Administrator.  Commissioner Foley seconded the motion.  Motion carried, 5:0.


Community Outreach - no report.


CLG Application

Mr. Nelson reported that the CLG application has been reviewed by the Town Attorney, signed by the Mayor and sent back to Mr. Frankenberger, Arizona Parks Service on 1/9/09.  They will sign and keep the original, we will get a signed copy and that will be forwarded to Washington DC.  We should get validation from Washington DC.

Mr. Popelka will check with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) to clarify whether we should receive validation from Washington DC, or it becomes validated within 45 days. He will inform Chair Baughman as soon as possible.


Budget - no report.


Process Plan for Historic Designation

The Historic District Designation Process and Historic Landmark Designation Process prepared by Civil Attorney Mack were emailed to the Commissioners for review.



Commissioner Foley said setting exact dates for a schedule of training is difficult.  We may be able to set dates according to topics in our meetings.  A future agenda item should be to discuss dates.

The Town is planning spring Citizen Planning Institute Continuing Education and a schedule will be emailed to HPC.


Santa Cruz Heritage Alliance - no report.


Discussion and possible action regarding Steam Pump Ranch.


Historic garden project

Two board members from Oro Valley Historical Society met with Town staff and Council member Latas to revise the license agreement to include a Native American Garden and guided tours.  It is scheduled to be on the Town Council (TC) agenda 2/18/09. 

Commissioner Spoerl will get Mr. Popelka details on the pioneer garden revisions for HPC to review prior to the 2/18 TC meeting. 


Arizona Centennial project

Information on the State Commission April workshop for the Arizona Centennial project will be made available for the next HPC meeting.


National Register Nomination - no report. 


SOP governing actions to be taken at SPR

This will be discussed in a study session before coming to the full Commission. 

Mr. Popellka will be scheduling a study session with HPC and Parks and Rec to discuss the SOP.

Chair Baughman opened the floor for public comment.

Bill Adler, OV resident, is concerned that monetary commitment to Steam Pump Ranch (SPR) is virtually non-existent. HPC and OVHS should become lobbyists during the Town’s budget review to see if there is any money available for preparation of the grounds for tours and safety.  He suggested an active fund raising activity be engaged such as acquiring membership lists of organizations dependent on citizens for support.


Pumphouse - no report.



Mr. Nelson reported SPR was dramatically cleaned up prior to a site tour in December with Congressperson Gifford’s office.  The Town was asked to submit projects for the appropriations bill process.  SPR was the #2 item submitted by the Town.

The next clean up project will be the chicken coops. Vice Chair Zwiener has enlisted a person to help with identifying and restoring historic furniture.

Chair Baughman recognized the amount of time and effort Mr. Nelson, Commissioner Spoerl and Vice Chair Zwiener have put into SPR. 
Commissioner Spoerl thanked Diane Chapman for putting together Steam Pump report notebooks for the ranch. 


Discussion and possible action regarding Town Council appointment process and terms of appointment to Boards and Commissions (as it affects the Historic Preservation Commission).

There was discussion on the current method of appointment and terms.  Council is considering a change to appoint members at the 1/21 TC meeting. 

The Commissioners agreed the present method works and should not be changed. The quality of commissioners and longevity to see projects through is important.    

MOTION:  Vice Chair Zwiener MOVED that the Historic Preservation Commission recommend to Town Council that the present method of appointment to the Commission continue.  Commissioner Foley seconded the motion.  Motion carried, 5:0. 

MOTION:  Vice Chair Zwiener MOVED that Chair Baughman and Commissioner Spoel draft a letter reflecting discussion of HPC in regard to the TC appoint process to go to council on 1/21.  Commissioner Nagy seconded the motion. 

Points to address in the letter: HPC has less staff as backup, is a self-generating body, and needs training.  Number of terms should be unlimited.  HPC is a relatively new board.  TC appointment will appear political.  Lack of citizen participation. 

Motion carried, 5:0.


Discussion and possible action on designation of Honey Bee Village.

Honey Bee Village (HBV) might be a better subject for historic designation than SPR.  At the present time the County still owns HBV.  The biggest concern should be immediate preservation and protection of the site. 

Chair Baughman asked Mr. Popelka to check what the police department is doing to protect HBV and then let HPC members know. 

The Town might consider contacting Pima County about the AZSites Steward program. 

MOTION:  Vice Chair Zwiener MOVED to defer item #X to the next HPC meeting.  Commissioner Foley seconded the motion.  Motion carried, 5:0.



Mr. Popelka distributed information on the terms of commissioners. He will check on the Ordinance regarding the Town Historian. 


Items for future agendas. No additional items.



MOTION:  Vice Chair Zwiener MOVED to adjourn the January 12, 2009, Historic Preservation Commission meeting.  Commissioner Nagy seconded the motion.  Motion carried, 5:0.  Meeting adjourned at 6:55 p.m.