Regular Session
April 16, 2009

Call to Order at 5:10 pm


Roll Call


Chair Bob Baughman
Vice Chair Daniel Zwiener
Commissioner Pat Spoerl
Commissioner Valerie Pullara
Commissioner Lois Nagy
Commissioner Sam McClung

Also Present:
Salette Latas, Councilmember
Paul Popelka, Assistant Planning and Zoning Director
Scott Nelson, Special Projects Coordinator
Phyllis Gracy, Office Assistant

Chairman Baughman announced that Patrick Foley has resigned.


Call to the Audience

Councilmember Salette Latas reported on her recent trip to Washington where she met with Arizona legislators including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.  An appropriations book was presented to Commissioner Spoerl which includes information on Steam Pump Ranch (SPR).  Congresswoman Giffords has included funding for SPR in her appropriations request.


Approval of Minutes: March 9, 2009

MOTION:  Vice Chair Zwiener MOVED to approve the minutes from the March 9, 2009, Historic Preservation Commission meeting.  Commissioner Nagy seconded the motion.  Motion carried, 6-0. 


Presentation from William Doelle, PhD, President of Desert Archaeology, on recap of Honey Bee Village and artifacts display

Chairman Baughman introduced William Doelle, Ph.D., President of Desert Archaeology.  Dr. Doelle gave an update on the work being done at Honey Bee Village.  He displayed several artifacts found at the site and described their use and importance. 


Items for discussion and possible action regarding staff report


Status of Certified Local Government application

Scott Nelson, Special Projects Coordinator, has had two conversations with Bob Frankeberger, State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) regarding the status of the Certified Local Government application.  Mr. Frankeberger has contacted Washington, but they have not responded to his request.


Status of Steam Pump Ranch designation

Mr. Nelson summarized the information contained in an email sent by Jerene Watson, Assistant Town Manager.   
- Congresswoman Giffords has requested $1 million for the pre-opening phase of SPR.
- James Garrison at SHPO will try to move the historic designation nomination through the process faster.
- Mr. Garrison will draft a letter to Congresswoman Gifford's office, the Mayor and the Federal funding agency indicating SHPO's support for the project.


Study session schedule

Paul Popelka, Assistant Planning and Zoning Director, did not have study session dates.  He said he would send dates to the Commissioners on Friday, April 17, 2009.  Chair Baughman stated the study session would be to work on Standard Operating Procedures for SPR and would include the Commissioners, Ainsley Legner, Parks and Recreation Director, Mr. Popelka, Councilmember Latas, and possibly other individuals.  


Discussion and possible action regarding Steam Pump Ranch


Salvage of Photographs and Documents

Mr. Popelka stated some filing materials have been received and he is waiting for the remaining backordered items to be delivered.  He will inform the Commissioners via email when the materials arrive. 


35th Anniversary Celebration

Commissioner Spoerl stated the SPR site is being readied for the 35th Anniversary dinner on Friday, April 17, 2009, and an open house on Saturday, April 18, 2009. 



Chairman Baughman stated there is no money in the Poster Frost contract for the pumphouse.  

Mr. Nelson gave an update on the status of the Heritage Fund grant and Pima County bond money. Under the Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA), County bond money may be used for restoring the pumphouse.  A decision needs to made regarding using these funds to restore the pumphouse.  Other funding options were discussed including funding from Congresswoman Gifford’s proposal and the Water Department (compensation for a well at SPR). 

Chairman Baughman will contact Linda Mayro at Pima County regarding a task force to meet with an adobe expert to evaluate the structure.  A suggestion was made to have volunteers make adobe bricks.  The structure needs to be stablized prior to the monsoon season. 



Mr. Nelson said there has been no change and security for the buildings is in good shape.


Discussion and possible action regarding HPC Work Plan


Final Request for Proposal for Cultural Resources Inventory

Mr. Popelka distributed the latest draft copy of the Request for Proposal (RFP).  He will request that the fee schedule be submitted separately from the RFP so that the applicants can be reviewed based on qualifications.  The $50,000 budget was discussed.  

Mr. Popelka stated that the Commissioners will receive copies of the RFPs.  Interviews will be conducted if needed.  Mr. Popelka stated that the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) will select the consultant and forward the contract to the Town Council for approval.

Mr. Popelka suggested a special session to review the RFP replies.  The process needs to be completed and a consultant under contract by the end of the fiscal year, June 30, 2009.

Suggested changes to the RFP:
- Page 5 will be changed to read "Summary Table of Cultural Resources before 1974 shall be included in the document."
- Expand item C1, page 5, first paragraph, regarding historical context to include information from Commissioner Spoerl.
- Page 5, C1, second line, change "context" to "contexts."
- Page 5, C1, first paragraph, last sentence, change to read "Contexts should include, but not be limited to, the following."
- Change the word "will" to "shall".

Mr. Popelka stated the first sentence on page 6 was added on the advice from Linda Mayro.

MOTION:  Vice Chair Zwiener MOVED to approve the Request For Proposal for Cultural Resources Survey in substance of the draft with allowances for such interpretations by the Chair that would be reasonable for its distribution to potential participants, with the amendments noted during this meeting, and allowing the Chair to make ministerial changes in the document before it reaches its final form.
Commissioner Pullara seconded the motion.  Motion carried, 6-0.



Questions relating to the $50,000 budget were previously answered.


Process Plan for Historic Designation

Chair Baughman did not meet with Lexa Mack, Town Civil Counsel, and Mr. Popelka to discuss the historic designation process.  Counsel Mack has resigned and will be leaving May 2, 2009; he will try to meet with her before she leaves.  



Commissioners Sproel and Nagy’s terms expire the end of June and neither has completed the required training hours needed to renew the appointment.

Chair Baughman and Mr. Popelka will meet with Councilwoman Latas regarding training hours issues. 


Study Session on HPC Work Plan

Commissioner Sproel suggested scheduling the work plan review after the RFP is awarded. 



Mr. Popelka has volunteered to be on the Santa Cruz Heritage Alliance (SCHA) Advisory Committee beginning in the fall. 


Future Agenda Items

Vice Chair Zwiener will give a report to the Commission on the developments of the Environmentally Sensitive Lands Technical Advisory Committee.

Commissioner Spoerl asked for a report on the photographs and documents.  Mr. Popelka stated that Jerry Kyle, Skylark Consulting, plans to attend the May meeting.



MOTION:  A motion was made by Commissioner Spoerl and seconded by Commissioner Nagy to adjourn the HPC meeting.  Motion carried, 6-0.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 p.m.